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Dealer in a Casino

It’s difficult to envision a casino without a roulette dealer who announces the closure of bets in a cheerful voice and efficiently puts the ball onto the wheel. And shuffling a card deck with the nimble hands of a croupier is a fascinating operation as well. Employees of gaming institutions can attract gamblers just as much as gambling itself since their acts are always vetted and accurate. 

A dealer is a unique career that necessitates a diverse combination of talents and abilities. This isn’t something you’ll learn in university, but the unique environment in the workplace plus a good wage make it worthwhile to look into this career and maybe devote your life to it. Look into Cookie Casino for learning the basics of what dealers do.

Origins of the Profession 


Dealers did not exist when Blaise Pascal invented roulette at the end of the seventeenth century, and Cardinal Mazarin vigorously marketed it to the masses. This was the name of the folks who stood behind the rookie player and helped him learn the regulations later on in Britain.

Employees were engaged for a specific purpose in the past by British underground casinos. They had to swallow all of the dice at the gambling facility during the raid so that the authorities wouldn’t be able to show that they were playing dice for money.

The global entertainment sector increased fast in the twentieth century, with an increase in the number of institutions in Europe and the United States. As a result, skilled personnel were required to provide the best possible service to the players. The Americans were the ones who established a unique gambling entertainment culture and set the gold standard for the gaming dealer profession. 

Who and Where Teaches to be a Dealer

Modern casinos have the resources to teach their employees on their own. You should begin your casino related career path by looking for advertisements for delaer courses. You may expect future work under a contract, which is normally for a year with an extension. The institution’s management will conduct a longer interview at the preliminary round. The following conditions must be met by the applicant:

  • Minimum knowledge of mathematics for scoring; absence of tattoos, visible scars, and obvious defects on exposed parts of the body; 
  • Neat and attractive appearance, preferred age is 21-25 years old, height 160-190 cm, no criminal record; 
  • Experience of visiting a casino, knowledge of the rules of the main games; knowledge of one or more languages to communicate with foreigners; 
  • Punctuality, alertness, stress tolerance, and the ability to communicate smoothly are all attributes that a potential casino employee should possess.

Following a successful interview, the candidate will be invited to attend the group training. It can take anywhere from one to three months at various universities, with daily workloads ranging from two to eight hours. At the conclusion of the course, there is an exam. Some casinos use daily mini-testing to keep track of their players’ progress.

Basic Requirements for Dealers


A person frequently obtains a job offer after finishing professional training. At first, the croupier must pay more attention to the procedure and become accustomed to the institution’s ambiance, style, and pace. Newcomers are frequently assigned to early shifts or days with a minimal number of visitors. It’s tough to stand for lengthy periods of time, remain calm, and avoid making a mistake. Under the supervision of an experienced colleague, the dealer develops all required practical skills at this level, and following another check, becomes a full-fledged representative of the profession.

Dealers must follow a strict dress code in addition to having a thorough understanding of the game and the regulations of the business.The following are the major parameters for female croupiers’ appearance: 

  • High-quality cosmetics, with a preference for red or pink lipstick; 
  • Classic black shoes with a heel of at least 5 cm; 
  • Loose hair, little style; 
  • French manicure or red nail paint;

Male employees must meet the following criteria: 

  • Short hair collected in a ponytail; 
  • Clean-shaved face or a well-groomed beard;
  • Immaculate manicure and well-groomed hands;
  • Stylish black shoes;

Throughout the entire employment, a work uniform is always provided. It may consist of a shirt and vest, a tie or bow tie, a dress, or a skirt with a corset. The suit should be in excellent condition, clean, and pressed at all times.

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