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We are familiar with new online casinos like Spinia Casino, but what are the origins of casinos in general? In ancient times, gambling enterprises were solely available to the elite. It’s impossible to say who founded the casino because even the circus might be called a gambling facility where people gathered to offer money in exchange for entertainment. 

The origins of casinos as prototypes of gambling halls may be traced back to ancient China. There is also evidence that gaming enterprises began to operate in Egypt in ancient times. Domina Coral Bay is the world’s oldest casino, dating back to ancient times. For the wealthy, a vast network of cultural gambling developed throughout the ancient period. The same Circus, with clowns and jugglers, was not like the regular site for us. It was a public facility where visitors may put their attention and luck to the test while playing dice. In the Circus, there were also money issues. 

Dice games have also been implemented in separate structures constructed for living rooms in Eastern states. The history of the casino (in its present version) is thought to have started in Italy. This country is credited with starting the habit of gathering in a comfortable home setting to play cards. However, there were no dealers or other casino elements present during these gatherings.

Italian Casinos


The underprivileged were unable to enter the earliest gaming establishments. However, such a service progressively became available to the general public. Ordinary Italian dwellings were transformed into a meeting of players, although not according to the same stringent restrictions. The elite huddled around in a tight circle. 

Years later, summer residents began to be the place for such occasions. Italians who did not belong to the elite or have a huge fortune enjoyed themselves in bars or set up their own casinos in the open air. However, frequent walking around the streets became bothersome, so distinct gaming areas began to emerge.

Opening of Official Casinos

The Ridotto building in Venice is said to be the first casino in the world. With the help of the government, this institution, which has the status of gaming, started in 1638. Controlling the turnover would be easier with an approved casino. The ridotto was served in the edifice of the Church of Moses, and it was the first institution to require rigorous adherence to a dress code. Increased betting restrictions, which only the aristocracy could afford, were adopted to limit the circle of participants. The casino was shuttered for two hundred years in the middle of the 18th century so that it might reopen.

Casinos in Europe and Russia


As gambling began to attract the majority of wealthy Europeans, the history of casino growth continued to march across Europe. In 1765, the first official French casino opened its doors. Cardinal Mazarin, who planned to earn a huge tax for such crimes, allowed the gambling house’s establishment. This casino was also notable for the fact that it was the first to introduce the new game of roulette to the public.

The Russian Empire did not ignore gambling entertainment, and players who visited European casinos were regarded as prominent. In Russia, roulette has been outlawed. And the concept was merely meant to be entertaining, not a method to make money. As a result, con artists who demanded money were arrested and imprisoned.

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