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Sports Trade

The first thing you need to do when you decide to start trading in football betting is to invest in Betfair Exchange – click here to learn more about the house.

You will be able to check out all the best tips about the bookmaker and how you can choose your market to start in sports betting. Take a look at them, as it will be essential for you to make a good choice.

How much will you invest?

It is now time to create your bankroll. The bankroll is nothing more than the amount of money that you can place on football bets.

This means that it is a money that you can lose and not that money that you want to withdraw in three days. Besides that it doesn’t work out, because everybody when starts in the Sports Trade tends to have some loss (or Red). Probably with you it won’t be different. That’s why it is fundamental to know how to keep your emotional control.

All this so that, in the end, you get desperate because you lost a money that should be used to pay a bill and you ended up using it for something else. Therefore, only put in Betfair a money that you can safely invest.

Bankroll management

sports betting

Money defined? Well, now let’s create your bankroll management. The bankroll management is nothing more than the division of your money in several parts so you can make a bet.

For example: if you managed to deposit $ 1000, which is a money that you had saved in savings and would not use, you have a few ways to divide it. You can divide your bankroll into 50 units, or from 2% up to 4% of the bankroll.

Why are these two ways of bankroll management the most recommended? Because, apart from being safe, your chances of breaking them are very small. Define what your management will be, according to your profile, of course. But do not exaggerate, and do not forget that you are just starting. See our Definitive Guide to banking management.

Method to be used


We have arrived at the main stage for you to carry out football betting through sports trading. Before you start clicking on all types of football games you are following, create a method.

A method is a way that you define to determine situations in which you will put your money. In the punter world, which is the focus of this content, the goal is always to find EV+ odds to beat the bookmakers. What are the types of methods you can develop?

  • Team to win.
  • Goals market.
  • Handicap.
  • Corner market, among others.

Your method will hardly be profitable overnight – and that’s OK. The nice thing is that you can make some adjustments to make your method better every day, and with conditions to take you to have more greens.

A good method must always be one to one or two to one, but what does that mean? That you win a bet and “recover” the loss or two to one, where you can win two bets and will “recover” the red taken. Find out how to take red in Sports Trade.

Emotional control in sports betting

Emotional control is one of the most complicated and important steps for people placing bets for football. Why?

It is through emotional control that you can control your units in bankroll management and not bet outside of it, for example. In addition, emotional control will help you to withstand the bad phases such as, for example, the well-known bad run.

Finally, something important that can influence your emotional control is the long-term vision. If you make a bet, lose and think that you need to recover soon in the next bet, your focus is not on the long term, but on tomorrow. You don’t recover red, you get new greens.

Consistency in Sports Trading

Consistency is a sign that you are on the right track and your chances of being profitable in sports betting is great. Moreover, you will see your bankroll grow gradually, where you can increase your unit values over time, also increasing profits.

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