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Video bingo games have the same objective as traditional bingo, i.e. scoring all numbers on the cards or rows, columns, diagonals, depending on the format of balls and cards you choose. Usually online video bingo is played in the 30-ball variant, also known as “speed bingo”, on cards with three rows and three columns. On this type of card you need to fill in all the numbers to win. 

In video bingo the balls are drawn and marked on your card automatically. The difference is that you play directly with the online casino software, instead of competing with other players in an online bingo room. You can practice the free bingo game before you place your cash bets. The game format is similar to online video poker and online slots. 

Each round you will be given different cards and depending on the casino you play at, the rules for winning are displayed on the game screen. You can choose multiple cards in a single round and win different prizes with the same card if you fill up 2 lines, for example. 

You can also request extra balls for more chances to win at bingo. This happens when the game is ending and you are only one number away from winning a prize. In this case, you will pay a bet amount for each extra ball you request. Furthermore, you can choose the speed at which the balls are drawn, making the game more dynamic and fun. 

How to win at video bingo

Video Bingo

Don’t select too many cards at once, as in the online bingo game it is always better to buy fewer cards and play more rounds.

Plan before the game how much you’re going to spend on bets, otherwise you’ll end up investing all your balance in just one round or asking for several extra balls, which can cost you all your balance.

Take advantage of your casino offers to play video bingo.

Don’t wager your entire balance in one spin. The more times you play, the more chances to win.

To be able to win at video bingo online, read the instructions of the game, there are general rules about video bingo, however for each game there are specific details like the game control buttons and ways of winning.

Always choose a safe online casino to play video bingo. Access our list of casinos and find safe games without manipulation of results. 

Access the vocabulary prepared by our team with the terms and slang used in bingo. 

Set a time limit for you to play online. Enjoy yourself when you’re winning, but don’t rush with the sole purpose of winning more and more. Know when to stop. 

Digital video bingo prizes

Online Video Bingo

Video bingo wins are bigger than traditional bingo and more frequent, as the game generally has a higher speed than bingo played in multi-player rooms. 

You can implement some online video bingo strategies in order to have more chances of winning. There is no way to control the drawing of the balls, but you can use techniques related to the amount of your bets and the number of cards selected. The free version of video bingo can help you train your strategies without risking your bankroll. 

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