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sports trading

Even if it belongs to the sports market, is that the correct way to address the work of a trader?

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See in this article:

  • What is being a sports trader?
  • Is it possible to do sports trading in bookmakers?
  • What is a bet?

Thus, his activity consists in being exposed in moments of gains and to leave the market in moments that can cause him to lose money.

The professional who makes the sports trade can act in various sports such as:

  • Tennis;
  • Basketball;
  • Football;
  • Volleyball;
  • Sports related to fighting, such as UFC;
  • Horse Racing;
  • E-sports;
  • Racing, etc.

In this way, a trader trades the probabilities of what happens at that moment in the game.

For example, Back to a team only in the moments when they are on the attack, hoping to catch a goal.

If you do not know what is Back or Lay, click here to learn more about these two fundamental concepts about sports trading.

Is it possible to make sports trades in bookmakers?

sports betting

Something important that you need to know is that when making trade you are trading against another trader and not with a bookmaker.

Therefore, if you see videos of people teaching you to act as a trader in sportsbooks like Bet365 instead of Betfair, run away, because this is a mistake.

Even if Bet365 has the famous cash out, it has nothing to do with a sportsbook, since every click you give on that tool at Bet365, you lose with the juice, which does not happen at Betfair, for example.

This does not apply only to Bet365, but to other types of bookmakers as well.

Be very alert because it is in these situations that you discover some scams that people are giving to beginners. Click here to see if it is worth working with Betair.

What is a bet?

trading guide

A bet is anything that you believe can happen, but you are not sure, so you make a bet about it.

This can be taken into many areas of our lives and not just within sports betting.

When you meet a girl or guy and decide to date him, you make a bet that this relationship can work out.

That is, you cannot predict the future with certainty and so you make a bet.

It is the same way when choosing a profession.

When you go to college you are betting that this profession is what you like and so you will follow it.

Now let’s take the term to the sports market.

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